ZapIT! Medical - OnPoint Integration

Our EQAR app is growing! ZapIT! Medical has acquired the OnPoint Medical Diagnostic application bringing in new technology to automatically analyze MRI and CT QA images. Over the next several months, we will be integrating this technology into the ZapIT! QA web application. See below for answers to your questions. As always, don't hesitate to reach out! Use the chat at the bottom of your screen or click on the "Contact" link above.

I'm a current ZapIT! QA customer, will anything change for me?

No. Only minor changes will occur to the current web application in order to integrate the OnPoint technology. For modalities that will have QC phantom image auto analysis available now, this will be an option to your already setup tests.

I'm a current OnPoint customer, will anything change for me?

Not immediately. You will continue to use the OnPoint client access portal with your current username and password to access your routine QC results ( We will work closely with you to assist you with the transition when the time comes (approximately 6 months). NOTE: As a current OnPoint customer, do NOT attempt to login to the ZapIT Medical website. You will receive an error. Use the link above to access the OnPoint application as you normally do.

I'm a current OnPoint customer, what if I need support?

You may continue to call any phone numbers you have for OnPoint customer support. All of these have been forwarded to the highly regarded ZapIT! QA support team. You may also use the chat feature at the bottom of this page.

I'm a ZapIt! Medical customer, when can I learn more about the OnPoint product(s)?

Please contact our staff through the chat feature on the website. Our awesome support staff will put you in touch with our sales team!

Will any additional modalities be available for auto image analysis in the future beyond MRI and CT?

Absolutely! What makes this integration so great for us at ZapIT is that customers have been asking for this for a long time. As we continue to perfect our comprehensive EQAR, adding this feature to ALL applicable modalities is our next step.


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